Video · 02. May 2020
Going live Sunday May 3rd @ 12 noon Japan time and Saturday May 2nd @ 8PM California time. This is going to be a five way talk from LA, Tokyo and Ibaraki. With live performances by Mr. Jimmy, scenes from the film, maybe even some scenes that weren't in the movie and lots of behind the scenes stories about how the film was made. Get your favorite drink and something tasty to eat and let's enjoy the weekend.
Video · 19. April 2020
Wine Talks are back! With an updated name. Shima~ & Wine Talks. This time with the illustrious Herman B! Online and free of human contact. See you Sunday April 12th at 4 PM. Be sure to prepare a glass of wine or some Shima~ (The Kumejima name for Okinawan Awamori). Herman B will be talking about his recent music album (CD, download) as well as a recently published book of his art work. See you soon!
One Take · 01. January 2016
©2015 アカツキコンダクタ Performed by Homebrew Session. 2015年10月25日にStudio JつくばのOne Take Session #5でレコーディングしました。Homebrew SessionはTatsuki Takatsuki、Masashi Kageyama、Herman Bartelen、Richard Kipnis、Kiharaと…カメラ撮影はShintaro Inadaです。
One Take · 26. October 2015
第5回の“One Take” Partyの案内です!
Recordings · 15. July 2015
ゲームミュージックの歴史を描く”Diggin’ in the Carts – The Rise of VGM- Ep 1 – Red Bull Music Academy Presents”をみてください。 Studio Jのジェフリージョーサンは音声、現場の通訳と雰囲気作りを担当していました。
Recordings · 15. June 2015
Herman bの新しいPV「Thinking About Me」が出来ました!
12. June 2015
2011年3月11日の震災から、ちょうど8ヶ月後の11月11日、石巻の復興地を 回り、数人をインタビューし、門脇町周辺の現状を撮影しました。皆の 恐ろしい思い出、8ヶ月後の寂しさ、怒り、期待、悔しさ、そして, 抑えられないたくましさ、人間らしさ、未来を構築する前向きな心を記憶しました。...
Recordings · 08. May 2015
The Eric Jacobsen Bandの新しいアルバム「Kind Awakening」を聞いてください。バンドの基本トラックはStudio Jで録音しました。
05. May 2015
Recordings · 28. April 2015
BBC Radio hired us to find and interview Aibo owners and “doctors” as well as the Buddhist priest who holds funeral ceremonies for them. Sony discontinued support for them last year so there is a company made up of retired engineers who “treat” them and perform organ transplants. Recorded the Aibo owner’s interview with a Tascam iXZ iPhone Interface into the studio system. The Aibo sounds were recorded with a Sanken CS-3e. Just Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 today. The part we worked on...

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