Shima~ & Wine Talk #4 Eric Jacobsen

Sunday June 14th @ 8 PM JST

This is going to be Eric's second wine talk. He came out to Studio J for  Wine Talk #4 on April 16th, 2010. I have known Eric for over years now. The first time we met, we immediately connected. Funny thing, before I met Eric, my friend's son used to think that I was guitar playing Eric in the red jumpsuit that he watched on NHK. So he would tell his son I'm going out with Eric tonight and he would get all excited. :-)

We are about the same age, both grew up in the northeast, both love music and recording, both play the guitar, both have been in Japan since before we can remember, both married to Japanese wives and have 2 kids, both love to drink wine and expostulate on the inner workings of the universe and the list goes on.

I consider myself an energetic and creative person… Eric makes me look refined and sedate!

Get ready for an energetic, creative and off-the-wall wine talk! Eric will be playing his guitar live and we will also play some of his music videos both the ones for children and for adults. I also just found out that he has a secret life as an Illustrator so we'll get to see some of that as well.

Last wine talk we went for four hours so we'll see what 10 years of life has done to us in terms of Wine Stamina! 

Check out his website http://hieric.com/  and listen to the music of the Eric Jacobsen Band below (recorded @ Studio J). 

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