Recordings · 15. July 2015
ゲームミュージックの歴史を描く”Diggin’ in the Carts – The Rise of VGM- Ep 1 – Red Bull Music Academy Presents”をみてください。 Studio Jのジェフリージョーサンは音声、現場の通訳と雰囲気作りを担当していました。

Recordings · 15. June 2015
Herman bの新しいPV「Thinking About Me」が出来ました!

Recordings · 08. May 2015
The Eric Jacobsen Bandの新しいアルバム「Kind Awakening」を聞いてください。バンドの基本トラックはStudio Jで録音しました。

Recordings · 28. April 2015
BBC Radio hired us to find and interview Aibo owners and “doctors” as well as the Buddhist priest who holds funeral ceremonies for them. Sony discontinued support for them last year so there is a company made up of retired engineers who “treat” them and perform organ transplants. Recorded the Aibo owner’s interview with a Tascam iXZ iPhone Interface into the studio system. The Aibo sounds were recorded with a Sanken CS-3e. Just Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 today. The part we worked on...