About Studio J 

Studio J is an audio and video production studio and creation space located in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan close to the Tsukuba Express, Midorino Station and a 45 minute ride to Akihabara in Tokyo. Our sound booth was acoustically treated by the great Sam Toyoshima who has designed studios all around the world including a re-design of Abbey Road studios. We are continually focused on finding the perfect combination of environment, tools and talent to create a space where people can come and create works that transcend what can be done in a traditional environment. We are looking forward to working with you to help you realize your vision.


With the support of the president of Izumi Denki Corp., Sumio Shimamoto, audio electricity specialist and power amp designer, Studio J has been decked out with an audiophile grade electrical system including a high voltage transformer pole, dedicated electrical system with exceptional 3.8 Ohm grounding and custom made polymer outlets for noise-free natural sound that you will not find in other studios. You can read about his work in this Wall Street Journal A Gift for Music Lovers Who Have It All: A Personal Utility Pole.

Make your next masterpiece at Studio J!

Yatabe 1018-1, Tsukuba. Ibaraki 305-0861 Japan

Tel: 029-828-4990

FAX: 03-6368-4608




Studio J is a CrossWire Co., Ltd enterprise. Click here to learn more about CrossWire.