Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
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  • 機材リスト


    Neumann U87
    Neumann KM 184 x 2
    Sanken CS-3
    Schoeps MK8 Figure 8
    Sanken COS-11D x 3
    Audio Technica AT4033
    EV RE-20
    Sony ECM-999
    Seide PC-Me
    Seide PC-VT3000
    Shure SM 57
    Shure SM 58
    AKG C1000S
    AKG D3900
    AKG D3700
    Behringer ECM 8000

    Mic Preamps

    Focusrite Red 6 – Mic Preamp and Equalizer
    Grace Design 201 – Mic Preamp
    Avalon U5 Direct (Pure Class A Active DI Box)
    Sound Devices MP-1 – Battery Powered Mic Preamp


    Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000
    Monster Cable Studio Pro 500
    Belden 192A
    Custom Microphone Cables


    dynaudio acoustics BM 15A
    Genelec 1028
    Yamaha NS-10
    InnerSound Kachina Reference

    Audio Interfaces

    Apogee Ensemble 新着!
    TC Electronics Konnekt 24D
    Digidesign 003
    Yamaha 02R


    Logic Pro (Version X)
    ProTools (Version 10)
    Final Cut Pro
    DVD Studio Pro
    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Audio PlugIns

    iZotope RX 4 Advanced
    Bias Sound Soap
    Focusrite Liquid Mix
    iZotope Ozone 4
    TC Electronics Fabrik C & Fabrik R


    Canon 6D
    Nikon D 7000
    Nikon D 50
    GoPro 4
    GoPro Original
    Sony HDR-HD7

    Sony 42″ LCD

    Location Recording Kit

    Recording Mixer Zaxcom Nomad 10

    4 Channel Digital Receiver Zaxcom QRX100

    Transceiver Zaxcom TRX900 x 2
    This is a full digital wireless setup with an added feature that records timecode locked audio onto the transceivers as well for back-up and for times when the transceiver is out of range or there is interference.

    Remote Receiver Zaxcom ERX2TCD x 3
    For remote listening of the mixer output. Can also be used to send one channel of reference audio and one channel of time code to camera.

    Lav Mic Sanken COS-11D x 3

    Boom Mic Sanken CS-3e x 1

    Figure 8 Mic Schoeps MK8 x 1
    The Sanken boom and Schoeps figure 8 mics are set up in an M/S Pair so the signal from the boom can be used for dialog and the combination of the 2 can be used for stereo ambience and sound effects.

    Neumann 184 X/Y Stereo Kit
    A stereo pair of Neumann 184s mounted in an X/Y configuration with wind screens for high quality ambient recordings.