Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
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  • Sag Chana – Live From Studio J – May 14th, 2011 @ 5 PM

    May 12th, 2011 Studio J No comments

    This Saturday, May 14th at 5 PM, Sag Chana is going to be performing live from Studio J and streaming on Ustream.


    They are an amazing band with a very original sound. You can download their tune Silent River (recorded at Studio J) at http://www.studio-j.jp/en/free-music-downloads/

    You can also hear more on MySpace


    and buy their album on iTunes


  • Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Party and Live Ustream Broadcast

    March 19th, 2011 Studio J No comments

    Studio J will be having a Earthquake/Tsunami Relief BBQ party and live Internet broadcast this Sunday March 20th from 1 PM till 6PM.

    I thought it would be nice to have a place to meet people and talk about everything that has happened and continues to happen. We will have a BBQ burning in the yard and we have a whole bunch of plastic cups and plates and chopsticks.

    So please bring food, whatever you like to drink and an optional donation for the earthquake victims. (All the money we collect will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross). We have a big yard so children are also welcome to come and play. Also, if you play a musical instrument please bring it along, there should be lots of music happening.

    We will be broadcasting live during the party (starting around 2 PM) and anyone who is interested can go on the air and tell their personal Earthquake story or send out a message to family and friends overseas. You can also sing a song, read a poem or do anything that you would like to share. If you can’t make it to the party and would like to share something, please send me an email and we will have it read on the air. You can also send a video message. jeffrey@studio-j.jp

    We will also have a page set up for viewers to make donations by credit card or paypal.

    Here is the link to the stream.


    We are about 1 km from the Kenkyu Gakuen Station. We have parking on the street but in the interests of saving resources, please try to come by train or bicycle.

    Here is a map.



    Send me an email  jeffrey@studio-j.jp  if you have any questions or need directions.

    Hope to see you on Sunday.

  • Okayan – Melody On The Wind – Recording Notes

    April 1st, 2010 Studio J No comments

    Recently, the staff at the Audio Shop Pluton in Machida http://www.pluton.jp/ had some nice things to say about Okayans CD on their Blog http://si-pluton.jugem.jp/?month=201003 One of their customers brought Melody on the Wind into the shop and played it back on their system. So they bought a CD from the Studio J site. To paraphrase the Japanese “Now this is Holographic sound! The guitar sound is so real, it feels like you are sitting down having a beer in a club where Okayan is playing. They need to make more CDs like this, one that don’t remove the “REAL” instrument sound.” … “There is nothing in between you and the flowing guitar performance the guitar sounds so natural. It’s really like Okayan is in the room with you… Turn up the volume when you listen to this CD.” What a great feeling to have your recording appreciated by audio purists. :-) I’ve had the English recording notes up for awhile but I thought it was time to get the Japanese version up as well. (thanks to Matsumoto san for the translation) Read below to see how we got the “Okayan in your room sound”. Time for a beer. ;-)

    Okayan’s solo performances were captured with 2 Neumann 184 microphones, one placed in front of the fret board at around the 12th fret and up and to the left pointed towards the sound hole. The microphones were connected to a Grace Systems Model 201 mic preamp with 1.5 meter Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 cables. The Grace Systems preamp is wonderfully clear and accurate. The output of the preamp was then connected directly to a t.c. electronics konnekt 24D audio interface with 0.5 meter Monster cables and recorded at 44.1khz/24 bit using Logic Pro version 8. (One song was recorded at 88.2khz and downsampled after mixing, see if you can pick it out).

    The microphones were panned hard left and right with a slight volume boost on the left channel to compensate for the microphone placement. For the solo guitar tracks, no reverb, no compression and only limited EQ (high-pass filters at 40-60hz and a 2 db cut at 80hz for some tracks) was applied so you are hearing pure, unprocessed Okayan.

    The guitar duets were recorded live in the same booth with the Neumann 184s placed in front of the 12th fret for both guitars through Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 cables into the a Grace Systems Model 201 mic preamp. The tracks were then panned slightly to the left and right. A slight amount of reverb was added to the guitars with limited EQ and no compression.

    The fiddle tracks were recorded with a Neuman U87 through a Beldin cable (to add a little bit of warmth) into a Focusrite Red 6 microphone preamp with the EQ turned off. Melody On The Wind was recorded in one take with both guitars and fiddle together in the sound booth. No EQ or compression was applied to the fiddle but reverb was added to give a slightly “live” feel to the track.

    The objective of this recording was to capture the sound of “Okayan playing for you in the room”. The combination of Okayan and his guest’s excellent performances, the quality of their instruments, microphone placement, the short, high-quality signal path, the dedicated electrical system (which lowers the noise floor and improves equipment performance) and limited post processing have made this possible. We hope you enjoy Melody On The Wind.