Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
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  • Help us screen Then and Now at the Venice Film Festival.

    June 12th, 2012 Studio J No comments

    Eight months after the disaster of March 11, 2011, we visited Ishinomaki and interviewed survivors rebuilding their lives. We condensed these interviews into a 15 minute
    film, Then and Now, and posted it online. As a direct result, over 20,000 US dollars in funds and supplies have been delivered to Tohoku. But we’re not done yet.

    Then and Now is one of 50 semi-finalists in the Youtube, Your Film Festival competition, and you can help us get to the next round.


    Please follow the link above and vote for our film: Then and Now.

    The top 10 films will be screened at the Venice Film Festival and even more people around the world will have a chance to hear everyone’s stories. Please visit this site and place a vote!


    Help us support our friends in Ishinomaki and all over Tohoku!

    Help us get our film in the top 10. You can vote once a day so please vote every day!

  • Heart & Soul Benefit Concerts Nov. 24 & Dec. 1

    November 23rd, 2011 Studio J No comments

    On November 24th and December 1st, we are going to have two nights of

    amazing music for Tohoku relief at What The Dickens in Ebisu.

    The Heart & Soul – Benefit Concerts

    Nov. 24 (Ethnic Night): Featuring Rain in Eden / The Annubhava Orchestra /

    Sag Chana / Rolling Hill / Bellydancers: Suiren, Nao, Lily

    Time: 7 PM

    Place: What The Dickens in Ebisu http://www.whatthedickens.jp/

    Charge: 2,000 yen

    Dec. 1 (Rock Night): Featuring The Eric Jacobsen Band / Samm Bennett /

    Squeaky Brakes / Pre-Emptive Peace

    Time: 7 PM

    Place: What The Dickens in Ebisu http://www.whatthedickens.jp/

    Charge: 2,000 yen

    The proceeds from these two concerts will also go to aid relief in the

    Tohoku region.

    In between performances, we will be playing songs from Heart & Soul -

    Silk Road Relief for Japan a 2 album compilation of music generously

    donated by artists from all across the silk road to support the ongoing

    effort to rebuild Tohoku. It is available for digital download at

    http://www.h-arts.net/silk-road-relief/ and all proceeds from sales are

    being donated to Tohoku.

    Sponsored by:

    The Human Arts Experience



  • Sag Chana – Live From Studio J – May 14th, 2011 @ 5 PM

    May 12th, 2011 Studio J No comments

    This Saturday, May 14th at 5 PM, Sag Chana is going to be performing live from Studio J and streaming on Ustream.


    They are an amazing band with a very original sound. You can download their tune Silent River (recorded at Studio J) at http://www.studio-j.jp/en/free-music-downloads/

    You can also hear more on MySpace


    and buy their album on iTunes


  • SOURI –Music & Dance along the Silk Road–Charity Performance

    March 29th, 2011 Studio J No comments

    April 2 (Sat) at Tokyo Women Plaza Hall

    SOURI –Music & Dance along the Silk Road–Charity Performance

    OPEN 4:00PM START 4:30PM

    FEE: Adv. 3,500JPY Door 4,000JPY

    *Children age 6 to 12: Adv. 2,000JPY/Door 2,500JPY

    Ticket reservation:


    Studio ritam  E-MAIL or 03-3408-0527

    Sasurai Events E-MAIL or 080-6689-9966

    Studio ritam & Sasurai Events proudly present music and dance from the Silk Road.

    Mongol, Kyrgyz, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kurdish, Turkey, India…

    13+ amazing ethnic musicians and dancers present a magical evening with fascinating music and dance from the Silk Road.

    Let us take you on a journey to the exotic Silk Road!!


    ・Koji Kijima (Mongolian/Tuvan music)

    Yulduz (Uzbekistan dance)

    Kazuhiro Minowa (Darbuka, Riq, Frame drum)

    ・Yuzo Hisada (Frame drum)

    ・Megumi (Hulusi, Uzbek tanbur, daf)

    ・Kelly Williams (Afghan rubab, Persian setar, tanbur)

    MIHO (Oriental belly dance)

    ・Sana & Shyrien (ritam dancers)

    ・MADOKA (Persian rubab, Oud)

    Junzo Tateiwa(Darbuka, Frame drum)

    ・Umetbaeva Kalyiman (Kyrgyz music)

    Atsuko Maeda Kathak dance)

    Shiori Ishida (Tabla, Frame drum)

    Koki Yoshida (Sitar)

    ・Maysoon & Ayumi (ritam dancers)

  • Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Party and Live Ustream Broadcast

    March 19th, 2011 Studio J No comments

    Studio J will be having a Earthquake/Tsunami Relief BBQ party and live Internet broadcast this Sunday March 20th from 1 PM till 6PM.

    I thought it would be nice to have a place to meet people and talk about everything that has happened and continues to happen. We will have a BBQ burning in the yard and we have a whole bunch of plastic cups and plates and chopsticks.

    So please bring food, whatever you like to drink and an optional donation for the earthquake victims. (All the money we collect will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross). We have a big yard so children are also welcome to come and play. Also, if you play a musical instrument please bring it along, there should be lots of music happening.

    We will be broadcasting live during the party (starting around 2 PM) and anyone who is interested can go on the air and tell their personal Earthquake story or send out a message to family and friends overseas. You can also sing a song, read a poem or do anything that you would like to share. If you can’t make it to the party and would like to share something, please send me an email and we will have it read on the air. You can also send a video message. jeffrey@studio-j.jp

    We will also have a page set up for viewers to make donations by credit card or paypal.

    Here is the link to the stream.


    We are about 1 km from the Kenkyu Gakuen Station. We have parking on the street but in the interests of saving resources, please try to come by train or bicycle.

    Here is a map.



    Send me an email  jeffrey@studio-j.jp  if you have any questions or need directions.

    Hope to see you on Sunday.

  • Happy New Year from Studio J!!

    January 2nd, 2011 Studio J No comments

    Happy New Year from Studio J!

    May 2011 be filled with music and creativity and beautiful sound!

  • The One Take #3 videos are now on YouTube!

    December 31st, 2010 Studio J No comments

    The One Take #3 videos are now on YouTube! http://bit.ly/onetakes

    One Take #4 videos coming soon.
  • Wine Talk #12 Richard Kipnis – Friday, December 10th 8PM JST

    December 8th, 2010 Studio J No comments


    Executive producer and CEO of virgin earth, inc., Richard Kipnis has had a lens trained on the TV production world in Japan since 1983. As videotape editor for ABC News Tokyo and editor/producer at NBC’s Tokyo bureau and then director of network operations in Asia for Reuters Financial Television, he filmed some of the biggest news stories in recent history, including the Tiananmen Square uprising in Beijing, an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in Manila and the Kobe earthquake, and the Sarin Gas attack on Tokyo Subways. At virgin earth, Richard and his expert crew have filmed artists like Coldplay, Yo Yo Ma and Beyonce, producers shows like The Next Iron Chef America and The Amazing Race in 2005, 2007, and 2009, and researched and created documentaries on Hiroshima for National Geo, and the Lucy Blackman murder case for Discovery Channel, amongst many others.

    Richard joins me from virgin earth’s new Aoyama Earth Studio http://www.virginearthinc.com/studio, for this special Wine Talk. Richard has an extensive background in broadcasting and a we have a shared love for audio and music. Looking forward to hearing about his current projects, future plans for Aoyama Earth Studio and beyond.

    Please join us. Friday, December 10th 8PM JST


  • Wine Talk #6 Rain In Eden December 4th 7PM JST

    December 2nd, 2010 Studio J No comments


    Originally scheduled for May, we are finally ready for Wine Talk #6 this Saturday! This Saturday at 7 PM, Kelly, Megu and Shiori, the creative forces behind Rain In Eden, will be joining me for Wine Talk #6. Rain In Eden is what I like to call a Silk Road, Japanese-AsianFusion band. They happily delve into the music and instruments of multiple cultures to create their own unique sound that crosses cultural and musical boundaries. I had the honor to record their latest album at Studio J.

    Kelly’s musical roots are based in the Seattle Goth music scene and Megu is a traditionally trained Shamisen Artist. Shiroi is an awesome tabla player. Their varied backgrounds and cultural context, augmented by their passionate interest in traditional asian and middle eastern music, makes for a very interesting modern-traditional-transcultural sound.

    I have known Kelly for close to 10 years now. We used to work together providing media technology services to multi-national corporations. Who would have imagined that we would someday make a CD together. You never know!

    You can see them performing at One Take #2.



    Please join us. Saturday December 4th @ 7 PM JST


    Rain In Eden’s web site http://www.rainineden.com/index_e.html

  • Wine Talk #11 Deborah Murao Tuesday November 23rd @ 8 PM JST (English)

    November 18th, 2010 Studio J No comments

    Deborah Murao (http://www.deborahmurao.com/) will be joining me for Wine Talk #11. http://bit.ly/winetalk11

    She is a Professional Actor/Singer and Teacher based here in Tsukuba. She has recently published the first book/CDs in the English Garden Books to Sing series called Just One More Pet which she recorded at Studio J. http://bit.ly/justonemorepet