Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
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  • Musicians

    Herman b
    Lyricist, vocalist and drummer/percussionist herman b crafted these songs based on feelings that the city inspires, conjures and represents. The music is a combination of spoken word, experimental sounds, electronic, ethnic and rock music as played by the Annubhava Orchestra. You can listen to all of track 4. Check out the awesome tabla!

    Yuko Noguchi
    This beautiful recording captures the pure essence of Crystal Bowl tones for deep meditation, relaxation and healing.

    Yuko Noguchi has great success using the power of crystal bowls for healing and transformation in her healing practice in Ibaraki.. She is now ready to share these healing tones with the world. Yuko offers this recording to you….
    “To the shining of your individual “Only One” Light
    To the resounding sound of your “Only One” Life
    Please try and feel it…♡
    Living full of life
    All is one
    To the world of Oneness

    With Love, Harmony and Gratitude”

    You can listen to these tones as you meditate or just play them softly in the background as you go about your day.


    Okayan's Melody On The Wind


    Listen to Melody On The Wind

    Okayan, a virtuoso  fingerstyle guitarist from Ibaraki, Japan, has been playing guitar for 30 years. He plays over 100 shows a year at venues all over Japan and hosts a weekly radio show while working as a manager at his full time day job. His guitars of choice are beautiful Canadian made Northwoods, the BR80-OM and the ZIR80-OM. His latest album, Melody On The Wind is a mixture of original and classic songs that take you on a relaxing, nostalgic and playful journey through the seasons of Okayan’s Japan.

    Awards and Contests

    2004 – John Lennon Museum – Tribute Contest Gran Prix2005 – Moridaira Music – Fingerpicking Day 2005 – Original Arrangement Award

    2006 – Moridaira Music – Fingerpicking Day 2006 – Original Arrangement Award

    2006 – Yamaha Music Life 2006 – Judges Special Award

    2006 & 20007 – Contestant at the Walnut Valley Festival International Fingerstyle Guitar Contest in Winfield, Kansas

    Sag Chana

    New album – Sag Chana on iTunes http://bit.ly/sagchana

    A hybrid ethnic music trio born of Arabian percussion and harmonic overtone instruments. Melodic instruments have been eliminated, leaving space for a multitude of rhythms to be born. Delicate and passionate, their music will draw you into a unique world.

    The shamans were once guided by the rhythm of drums. Now this world and the world of the shamans is connected. If rhythm is what helps you forget yourself, rhythm is also what connects your spirit to the physical world. From our fascination with the magic of drums, we combine overtones and rhythm to create minimalist and hypnotic grooves that are sure to enchant you.

    Sag Chana is:

    Kazuhiro Minowa – Frame drum, Darbuka, Riq

    Joe Kitsukawa – Jaw harp, Hamon (Japanese metal slit drum) Melody cymbals

    Yuzo Hisada – Frame drum, Jaw harp

    logo_for_onlineRolling Hill

    First Album – Earth Walk   http://bit.ly/earth_walk

    Rolling Hill is a popular Asian Psychedelic Jam Band based in Japan. They are Shunsukei (Jaw Harp, Tuvan throat singing (khoomei)), Kajutarta Hill Okaer (Electric Guitar, Jaw Harp) and O-ta (Drums). The trio mixes sounds and styles of numerous genres and cultures to create their own unique sound that defies classification. Of course, the best way to experience Rolling Hill is to see them live but we worked hard to capture their sound and spirit on these recordings. All songs were performed live at Studio J in Tsukuba with no overdubs to get you as close to the band as possible.

    If you have never heard of throat singing, it is a type of singing that originated in the Tuva Republic in southern Siberia where one singer can produce multiple, simultaneous notes (overtones). Very trance-like and meditative and sometimes other worldly. Originally practiced by herdsmen with their voices echoing off the mountains, Rolling Hill brings you throat singing with drums, jaw harp and electric guitar. Each song is a journey, we hope you enjoy the ride.

    Produced by Kelly Williams and Jeffrey Jousan

    Heart: Silk Road Relief for Japan
    Featuring Homayoun Sakhi, Stellamara, Nevican Ozel, Shigemasa Sadako, Rain In Eden, The London Uyghur Ensemble, Amethystium, Sevda Alekperzadeh, Sag Chana and Omar Faruk Tekbilek. All this music was donated by the musicians in support of the survivors of the 2011 triple disaster in North Eastern Japan. All profits are still be donated to area which is still in need of support.

    Soul: Silk Road Relief for Japan
    Featuring Khaled Arman, The Afghan Ensemble, Megumi O and her Mother, Abbas Bakhtiari, Mohammed S. M. Antar, and Babazula. All this music was donated by the musicians in support of the survivors of the 2011 triple disaster in North Eastern Japan. All profits are still be donated to area which is still in need of support.

    Barbara Barnett
    Vibrational healing tones channeled by Barbara Barnett in Japan. This track begins with the grandmothers calling in the power of the four directions followed by 10 minutes of healing tones that will make your body vibrate.

    Aika and Leon Jousan

    Kuku’s Multiplication Table Song (九九の歌)featuring Aika and Leon, is on iTunes!


    KuKu is the Japanese word for multiplication tables. It literally means “Nine Nine” because Japanese multiplication tables only go up to 9 times 9. Also, they only say the numbers and sometimes a short connecting word. So instead of “Two timesTwo equals Four” they would say “Two, Two, Four”. Originally written to help Japanese children have fun learning English, we have found that kids from all over the world enjoy learning multiplication tables while singing this fun song. Aika and Leon’s first language is Japanese and they worked very hard to learn how to sing this song. We hope other kids will be inspired to learn it too. Maybe even learn how to sing the opening line in Japanese. We hope your kids enjoy singing our song.