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  • Presents from the Audio Angel (Part 3)

    January 11th, 2011 Studio J 1 comment

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    “On the fifth day of Christmas my Audio Angel sent to me… 5 red anodized power cables!”

    Studio J got a package in the mail the other day. Our audio angel sent 5 custom made power cables and 2 custom made mic cables, one with extra shielding. It was an exciting afternoon to say the least. First, I replaced the power cables on the Dynaudio Acoustics BM 15A powered monitor speakers and the power supply for the Konnekt 24D and listened to our test tracks.

    I was once again thinking, “There isn’t anyway it could get better…right!?”, I guess I should know better. As I listened to the first track, Roger Waters’ “Watching TV”, I nearly jumped out of my chair, some of the sounds from the TV effects sounded like they were playing behind me. Not reflecting off the walls, it literally sounded like the sound was coming from a TV behind me. The other tracks I listened to, did not have special effects so the effect was not as pronounced but reverb sounds no longer came from the speaker they seamed to come from behind the speakers and behind my head as well. Just by changing the power cables we took a jump from stereo to a 3D-like sound with more depth. It’s almost as if the walls of the control room disappeared and I could now hear the room on the recording.

    Next, I switched the power cables on the Red 6 and Grace preamps and made a recording with our monster cables. Very nice! Cleaner, with more warmth. Then I connected the custom mic cables. One had extra shielding and was wrapped in a cool black mesh, the other was a green cable with blue anodized connectors. As far as I know, anodizing has no effect on the sound but, I love the idea of singing through anodized gear. ☺

    Sang “Sarah Maria” into a pair of KM184s, one through the black, shielded “Darth Vader” Angel Cable and one through the green and blue Angel Cable. The sound was similar to the Monster cables but with a higher level of clarity. In fact, the shielded cable was almost “too” accurate. The unshielded version had a nice balance of accuracy and warmth. In many ways, we associate warmth with lack of clarity and high end, not so! Imagine being able to keep the high end clarity AND have warmth. Strange but true.

    Our Angel is coming back again soon. What’s next!?

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