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Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
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  • Studio J music on CD Baby

    April 24th, 2015 Studio J No comments

    With CD Baby’s cool music player you can hear samples of an eclectic blend of awesome music, all recorded at Studio J!

  • One Take #5 Akatsuki Konductor

    December 31st, 2015 Studio J No comments

    ©2015 Akatsuki Konductor, Performed by Homebrew Session. Recorded October 25th, 2015 at Studio J Tsukuba during One Take Session #5. Homebrew Session is Tatsuki Takatsuki, Masashi Kageyama, Herman Bartelen, Richard Kipnis, Kihara and … Special thanks to Shintaro Inada for his camerawork.

  • One Take Party #5 (October 25th, 2015)

    October 4th, 2015 Studio J 1 comment

    This is the first One Take in 5 years! We have an updated audio system and there is even a hybrid electronic and acoustic drum kit in the booth so groups with drummers are more then welcome! Just like the first 4 parties we will be recording “One Takes” of everyone’s original songs while enjoying a barbecue in the yard. Each person gets only 15 minutes in the studio so you will only be able to play your song once or twice, making for a studio recording with a “live” performance feel.

    Come and record one of your original songs in “One Take”! Or just come out and enjoy the music, the people and the atmosphere. Always lots of cool people and spontaneous music in the yard! There is also a new park right across the street so I expect some music and games in the park as well. It’s getting close to Halloween so please dress up in your favorite costume!

    If you would like to attend please fill in this form or send an email to me at by October 20th.

    Date: October 25th (Sunday)

    Time: 1:00 PM-

    Musicians: We are limiting recordings to a total of 10 sets of
    musicians. Please send me an email or fill out the form by October 20th to reserve your space.

    Charge: 4,000 (Includes Barbecue and drinks)

    Reservations: Please fill in the sign up form below or email Jeffrey at

  • Diggin’ in the Carts – The Rise of VGM- Ep 1 – Red Bull Music Academy Presents

    July 15th, 2015 Studio J No comments

    Check out Episode 1 of “Diggin’ in the Carts – The Rise of VGM- Ep 1 – Red Bull Music Academy Presents”.Sound Recordist, Field Translator and Vibes Master by Studio J’s Jeffrey Jousan.

  • Herman b’s new music video, “Thinking About Me”

    June 15th, 2015 Studio J No comments

  • The Eric Jacobsen Band’s New Album “Kind Awakening”

    May 8th, 2015 Studio J No comments

    Listen to The Eric Jacobsen Band’s new album, Kind Awakening. Base tracks recorded at Studio J.
    Click on the Launch Player button at the top of this page.

    Eric Band

  • Studio Jの新しい景色

    May 5th, 2015 Studio J No comments

    They recently built a big and beautiful park right in front of the studio. It’s like our yard suddenly got bigger!

  • Studio J Recordings on BBC Radio 4

    April 28th, 2015 Studio J No comments
    Aibo Operating Room

    Aibo Operating Room

    BBC Radio hired us to find and interview Aibo owners and “doctors” as well as the Buddhist priest who holds funeral ceremonies for them. Sony discontinued support for them last year so there is a company made up of retired engineers who “treat” them and perform organ transplants.

    Recorded the Aibo owner’s interview with a Tascam iXZ iPhone Interface into the studio system. The Aibo sounds were recorded with a Sanken CS-3e.

    Just Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 today. The part we worked on starts at 17:30. They used our photos too! Good fun.

  • Tohoku Laughing on NHK World!

    February 23rd, 2015 Studio J No comments

    Our new version of Tohoku Laughing will be broadcast on NHK World tomorrow!!
    Featuring Fujita san from Then and Now, the Okawaras from Women of Fukushima and Shibuya from the original Tohoku Laughing.

    You can watch it online here.

    It will show 4 times. First broadcast is at the time below. Then it’s broadcast 3 more times every 6 hours.
    Japan Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 13:30:00 JST
    New York Monday, 23 February 2015, 23:30:00 EST
    Denver Monday, 23 February 2015, 21:30:00 MST
    San Francisco Monday, 23 February 2015, 20:30:00 PST
    London Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 04:30:00 GMT
    Athens Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 06:30:00 EET
    Oslo Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 05:30:00 CET
    Mumbai Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 10:00:00 IST

    Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who made this possible!
    Joe Sacco, Ivan Kovac, Richard Kipnis, Tatsuko Okawara, Shin Okawara, Shiji Shibuya, Toshihiko Fujita, Kayomi Aihara, David Johannaber, Shigenori Mizuno Isao Kimura, Brandon Laureta, Satoshi Takanashi, Ryosuke Sakurai, Brian Parker, Marc Carpentier, Joseph Brandel, Tetsuro Shimizu, Naoyuki Takamura, Nikkori Sun Park, Aizawa Shoten, Oiwake Hot Spring, Gota Matsumura, Herbert Hunger, Rie Fukushima, Tomomi KItamura, Setsuko Abe, The grandmas of Nikkori Sun Park, Radio Ishinomaki, Ishinomaki2.0, The Awesome Souls of Tohoku living and dead and many many others!!!

  • Help us screen Then and Now at the Venice Film Festival.

    June 12th, 2012 Studio J No comments

    Eight months after the disaster of March 11, 2011, we visited Ishinomaki and interviewed survivors rebuilding their lives. We condensed these interviews into a 15 minute
    film, Then and Now, and posted it online. As a direct result, over 20,000 US dollars in funds and supplies have been delivered to Tohoku. But we’re not done yet.

    Then and Now is one of 50 semi-finalists in the Youtube, Your Film Festival competition, and you can help us get to the next round.

    Please follow the link above and vote for our film: Then and Now.

    The top 10 films will be screened at the Venice Film Festival and even more people around the world will have a chance to hear everyone’s stories. Please visit this site and place a vote!

    Help us support our friends in Ishinomaki and all over Tohoku!

    Help us get our film in the top 10. You can vote once a day so please vote every day!