Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
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  • Wine Talk #2 Herman Bartelen

    2010年04月01日 Studio J 2 comments


    Wine Talk #2 Herman Bartelen (Video Number 1)
    Herman and Jeffrey introduce the wine, the food and the opening music for the Wine Talk.
    Starts with about a minute of a Picasso Through Sunglasses song.

    Wine Talk #2 Herman Bartelen (Video Number 2)
    We were having some playback difficulty so we come in on this video in the middle of a discussion about cool Japanese music and talent.

    Wine Talk #2 Herman Bartelen (Video Number 3)
    After a restart, we found out what the problem was and we continue with the interview. We come in the middle of my stream of consciousness questions for Herman. After we finish Herman’s bottle of wine we change roles and Herman becomes the interviewer and comes to the conclusion that I am a freak… Hard to argue with him. The video finishes up with playback of the Picasso Through Sunglasses CD.


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